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Luxury Spa

Deep Tissue

Is a type of massage that involves applying firm pressure in combination with slow strokes to reach the deeper layers of tissue. We offer this as  traditional deep tissue or as Ashiatsu.

Sports Massage

Is a type of massage that is geared toward people who have physically demanding lifestyles and/or hobbies. In our sessions we use a combination of Deep Tissue, Stretching, Dynamic cupping & cooling Bio Freeze


Is a gentle type of massage with light -medium pressure + flowing strokes that are focused on facilitating stress relief and relaxation. Improves sleep and helps lower anxiety. Its the perfect massage for beginners. 

Hot Stone | Warm Bamboo

Are massage techniques that incorporate heat. Heated Stones or Warm Bamboo rollers are applied to the body to help melt away tension and sore muscles. Bamboo can include Deep Tissue whereas a Hot Stone treatment is more gentle.

Traditional Thai Massage

Is an ancient type of massage also know as "Yoga Massage" because it takes the client through a series of passive yoga postures along with compression massage of the major Zen lines. It is performed fully clothed, with no oils, on a floor mat. It improves flexibility, improves circulation, helps clear stagnant energies from the body & improves vitality


Is a gentle type of massage, similar to a Swedish but that is designed especially for expectant mothers.

To Book Any Of These Massage Techniques Simply Select The Length Of Therapeutic Massage You'd Like And Then Select Your Techniques From The Complimentary Add-ons List During The Booking Process

Relaxing Candles
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